Titles are for nobility
I have broke too many matechs to recommend them. The detent that holds the sight down wears out and then the sight is always deployed. I have also broke the screw inside the matech and rendered them useless. I currently use KAC 200m rears, I also like the lwrc skirmish sight, and the Troy rear in that order.

I’ve currently got a MaTech on my own rifle, but I only installed it late this summer and haven’t done a whole hell of a lot of shooting since, less with irons. I can’t speak for their durability, but they are, as far as I can tell, one of the incredible number of two folding rear sights that are adjustable for elevation, and they’re both a third the price and much easier to adjust than the KAC 600m sight, so you can see why I chose them. So really, if/when mine breaks, I’d love a suggestion of what to replace it with, but I find myself expecting it’s just going to be another MaTech.

Actually after looking around, apparently Wilson Combat threw their hat in the ring, and while it’s still $150 more than a MaTech, it is spring-loaded…